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Biocurve - The biomass condensing boilers

Present and future

The innovation with biomass condensation

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Amaia Rodríguez
Amaia Rodríguez
Remelluri Winery, La Rioja Alavesa
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To cover all the thermal needs of our winery, including industrial processes, we use two BioCurve boilers. Thanks to this decision we are saving 40% in our energy cost, we have more independence to choose our fuel supplier and we contribute to respect the environment.
Daniel Peña
Daniel Peña
Las Brujas Hotel, Tarazona, Spain
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Since we replaced propane gas with two BioCurve pellet boilers, we have reduced our expenses on heating and domestic hot water. Moreover, each year we avoid the emission of 80 tons of CO2.
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About BioCurve

At BioCurve we work for a sustainable world with profitable proposals. The BioCurve innovation department has optimized the two critical processes, combustion and energy transfer, to create the most advanced biomass boilers.

This development, endorsed by numerous international awards, allows BioCurve to offer a record range in the market, from 25 to 200 kW, of biomass condensing boilers, without expensive and voluminous heat recovery.

Main features

Ultra efficient

With maximum performance without heat recovers, that is, an optimal saving.

Ultra compact

Thanks to its pioneering design, the body of the BCH200 (200 kW) boiler barely occupies 1.2 m2.

With the latest technology

For remote management, you can choose between mobile control, through a free App, or integration under the management of an external PLC

Easy maintenance

Its avant-garde conception has freed them from the obtrusive turbulators. Just open the top cover to have a direct access to the body of the boiler.

Moreover, they are fully automated: their fuel feeding, ignition, burner and heat exchanger cleanings, as well as the ash removal to external drawer, are equipped as standard.

Respectful with the environment

Both their optimum performance and their negligible emissions have allowed them to be classified in the countries with the most demanding criteria, such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and, even years in advance, the European Ecodesign.